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  • Project management start to end

  • Print/web/display

  • Identy/collateral/display

  • Design and color accurate proof delivery

  • Product photography
    • Portable studio equipment
    • All digital, of course
    • Problem solving for difficult-to-shoot items

  • In-house large scale printing
    • Up to 44" wide media
    • Wide range of media available
      • Indoor/outdoor display applications
      • Archival for artwork pieces

  • Personal and personable service: pleasant but professional
  • If they don't get it we haven't done our job


Some additional information

  • Currently designing with Adobe Creative Suite 5.5

  • Understand color management and limitations across media
    • Keeping your identity accurate across media and platforms
    • Understanding how to get the most impact

  • Proficient and efficient in designing for CYMK offset press
    • Appreciating the qualities and limitations of this format
    • Working well with commercial printers

  • Strong command of the English language/copywriting skills

  • Enjoy working on projects for small businesses & non-profit orgs.
    • Especially interpreting science or engineering
    • Find it "fun" manipulating Excel spread sheets
    • Will spend time learning new processes & products
  • Portable photographic studio equipment
    • Nikon digital
    • Halogen lighting including light diffusion boxes, etc.

  • Epson 9800 printer using K3 inkset
    • Accurate proofing
    • Large format in-house printing

  • 38" Cold laminator

  • Contact


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Some personal information

  • 13+ years as a solo graphic designer

  • BS in Environmental Science

  • Avid hiker, skier, photographer & balanced outdoors person

  • See some personal photos at
    • Some adventures there
    • Please forgive the unfinished nature!
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